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ISPEN 2018


Department of Nutrition, Esa Unggul University  in collaboration with Indonesian Association of Fitness and Sport Nutritionist (ANOKI) are organizing  the 1st International Symposium on Physical Fitness and Sports Nutrition (ISPEN) 2018 and Strength Conditioning, Sport Injury, Biomechanics and Sport Nutrition Training as Pre-ISPEN Programme

The 1st ISPEN 2018 held on 4th August 2018 at Golden Boutique Hotel Angkasa, Jakarta with the theme “Understanding the Role of Nutrition and Physical Activity to Improve Performance and Productivity”. As for the Pre-ISPEN Programme Strength Conditioning, Sport Injury, Biomechanics and Sport Nutrition Training held on 2nd & 3rd August 2018 at Golden Boutique Hotel Angkasa

The participants of 1st ISPEN 2018  and it’s Pre-Programme will attendance from nutritionists, dietitians, public health professionals, food scientist, athletes, and sports community, policymakers from government departments and agencies, academia, research organizations.

The 1st ISPEN 2018 focus on sport nutrition, clinical nutrition, community nutrition, sport and nutrition assessments, sport injury, physical activity, ergogenic aids, nutrition and health promotion, nutrition education, nutrition counseling for improving performance and productivity based on evidence-based knowledge and practices.

The conference provides a great opportunity and collaboration to network professionally in sports nutrition, health, physical activity and weight management.

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